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Investing into overseas properties

Investing in bank deposits is just a way to save money with inflation. In reality, if you manage to earn money on this, then the income is minimal. Investing in joint stock companies, buying oil or gold is risky enough. Of course, they can bring great profits, but you need to own a lot of nuances, to be an expert in this field. One of the most reliable methods to increase your capital is to buy a home abroad. Knowing which country to buy, you can earn an impressive amount of money with minimal labor costs.

We have identified three leading countries in real estate prices growth: Cyprus, Spain and Germany. In the last two countries, there are quite strict rules for the acquisition of private property, there are many nuances in the tax system, which are hard to understand without a specialist. In this sense, Cyprus unconditionally wins and is a leader in real estate investments.

On investing in Cyprus property
Buy land in Cyprus, a house or apartment can any foreigner. This will require a simple set of documents, a bank account (opened during the week), translation services and a lawyer. That is, the process is practically no different from the acquisition of real estate in Russia with the exception of the presence of a language barrier. More information about the procedure itself, we wrote here.

The mild climate, friendliness of the population and recreational resources make Cyprus one of the most popular holiday destinations. In this country there is always a demand for real estate, so you can earn it all year round. Renting an apartment at one of the most popular resorts costs an average of 60 euros per day. If we take into account that the swimming season in the region never ends, such a living space will bring about 20 thousand euros of profit per year. Less costs for the maintenance of housing will remain approximately 17 thousand.

Do not miss your chance
To buy an apartment or house in Cyprus today is more than profitable. Since 2008, a crisis has passed in the country. Today, realtors record the lowest housing prices since 2006. This situation will last for another couple of years, after which the value of objects will start to grow. At the moment, the entrance to the Cyprus property market starts with 45 thousand euros. Prices for the purchase of villas in Cyprus are about 300 thousand euros. At the same time, the average cost of their rent is 150 euros, which gives about 70 thousand rental income per year. After 5 years, real estate will begin to bring tangible income.


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