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The Republic of Cyprus is an island state located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Since 2004, it is a member of the EU. The island attracts millions of visitors from different countries who are looking to rent or buy seaside properties.


There are several reasons why people from different countries look to buy properties abroad:

Most countries are capable to meet these requests only partially, and the advantages of Cyprus stand out. Obtaining property by the sea in Cyprus is a way to secure investment of funds even during the economic crisis. The buyer can live in the EU country, enjoying a high standard of living and high safety level, the overall crime rate being very low. Furthermore, relocating to the island gives children opportunity to receive a quality education, since the choice of private British schools is quite large. In the future, it makes the process of admission to Universities much easier. One of the main advantages of the island is a mild, pleasant and medically unique climate. Here, allergy sufferers and asthmatics can breathe easily, people with skin diseases are almost completely cured, and those who have heart disease will undergo an excellent rehabilitation. Moreover, the island is a popular resort area, so buying property in Cyprus is a profitable investment. By renting out your property, you can earn money during your absence.


After the state became a member of the EU, the value of property in Cyprus has increased. Nevertheless, it is still far cheaper than in neighboring countries. For example, the cost of properties in Cyprus is 20–30% lower than in Portugal, 30–40% less than in Spain and 50–60% less than in Italy or France. The price depends on the area, layout and location of the object. Seaside property in Cyprus is cheaper, but not inferior to that of other resort areas, on the contrary, it might be even superior.


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