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Statement of the MFA of Cyprus

Despite the threats from Turkey, the search for natural gas will continue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus responds to the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on this issue. , in the light of confirming drilling, which is carried out by Noble Energy at site 12 of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Cyprus. ”

The Foreign Ministry continues: “rejects the baseless legal positions expressed once again from Turkey regarding the exercise of the sovereign right of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural resources within its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.” At the same time, it recalls that and the operation of the Republic of Cyprus is carried out in accordance with international law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. “It is thus confirmed that” despite the threats from Turkey and these activities will continue and be conducted in accordance with the plan. ” At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers: “It’s a pity that Turkey uses the activities of the Noble Energy drilling company as an excuse to renew its position on the Cyprus problem.” It is emphasized that “the Republic of Cyprus strongly rejects this position and confirms that it will continue to cooperate with the UN to achieve a bizonal, bicommunal federation, in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Cyprus. “Condemning” Turkey’s strongly expressed intention to support seismic prospecting and drilling Turkish Oil Company “(TPAO), in the southern part of the EEZ / on the continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus” refrain from any such actions.


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