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Is buying properties in Cyprus hassle-free?

The beautiful and island of Cyprus is associated with ancient Greek mythology, with the birthplace of Aphrodite, the warm Mediterranean Sea – a real dream.

Fortunately, modern European realities give an opportunity of a dream-come-true, and of course by no means at high cost – prices of real estate in Cyprus are unexpectedly lower than other Mediterranean countries.

Many potential buyers are concerned about the ignorance of local legislation, which allegedly can lead to irreparable consequences or entail a long paperwork, causing a headache instead of the joy of buying. These fears are groundless and untrue, as the legislation of Cyprus is one of the most loyal to the citizens of foreign countries. It allows, regardless of the value of the purchased property, to obtain a residence permit, which makes it possible to stay on the island for an unlimited period. The purchase procedure itself does not take much time, is quite simple and transparent, as is the obtaining  of a residence permit. Of course, in no country in the world, no matter how favorable the conditions for this are, no one will buy property without competent legal support. Our company will help the buyer to find a qualified, trusted, well-proven lawyer in the field of real estate transactions.

Given the current economic situation both in Europe and Cyprus, stashing money “in a piggy bank” doesn’t seem reasonable. Investing into marketable real estate in Cyprus looks like a very attractive option. Since acquiring a house in this southern European country, together with premises you will also get a wonderful climate, which allows you to come on holiday at any time of the year or reside permanently; a high level of security (criminality in Cyprus is several times lower than in other European countries); environmentally friendly products; a high level of education for children (private International schools); medical care according to European standards; a high standard of living at a relatively low cost, as well as its measured pace and rest from megalopolis hustle.


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