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On the benefits of renovating the overseas real estate

If the right approach to buying property in Cyprus, the transaction may be more than profitable. We are talking about a completely legal method to save money – to buy a house not in perfect condition. With such apartments and houses, you can “bargain” 5–20% of the cost, after which you can invest part of the savings in their repair. Moreover, if you choose correctly and slowly, you can get a property that needs minimal investment. Of course, you have to spend more time, but the good savings are worth it.

The cheapest kind of repair
The cheapest form of repair is cosmetic. It involves the upgrading of real estate, updating its elements without capital intervention in the construction and engineering communications. Redecorating may include the following actions:

painting and plastering;
laying tiles, laying flooring;
replacement of electrical components: sockets, switches, etc .;
installation of new plumbing: faucets, sinks, showers, etc .;
replacement of doors and locks.
Often, such work is quite enough to create the necessary conditions for life and make the object presentable.

We save on major repairs
If the repair of an apartment or villa in Cyprus requires more serious investments (replacement of pipes and wiring, complete dismantling of the floor, etc.), it is necessary to approach the issue correctly. There are a number of ways to save money and get high quality services. You can hire not islanders, and visitors. Citizens of many countries come here to earn money due to the difference in wages in Cyprus and in their homeland. Among local residents, the work of the Poles and Ukrainians is in demand. They do the job well and you can negotiate a discount. Of course, the course of repair is better controlled independently. The advantage of such workers is also in their quickness – the Cypriots are doing everything slowly. Punctuality and meeting deadlines mean nothing to them.

Also, in order to save, you can order work not turnkey. It is better to remove construction waste and clean it up after the repair is over. Thus, you can save 5-15% of the cost of all work.

The main rule that should be followed is not to save on quality. Be sure to negotiate discounts, but do not buy cheap materials. They quickly break and require replacement. As a result, you will have to overpay compared to how much money you would have had to pay for one purchase of good things.


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